Today’s Dinner: Apple and Pumpkin Soup with Chicken

Today’s my first attempt at a Chinese soup.

I bought a recipe book full of Chinese soup recipes a few days ago, and one particular recipe caught my attention – “Apple and Pumpkin Soup”. I’ve never heard of a Chinese dish like this, but it seemed very easy.

So today, I bought red and green apples, and half a pumpkin. Diced and threw them into the pot to boil. After that, I threw in a whole chicken. The only modification I made was to add some almonds.

So here’s how it looks:


The result? The chicken was very delicious! I think it soaked up the flavours of the apple and pumpkin! Boiled apples was quite interesting. The apples had the consistency and flavour of the apples in an apple pie. Really nice! Although there was a bit too much apple for me. I guess adding almonds was a mistake. In the end, all I could taste for the soup was just almond and chicken. I’ve yet to achieve a true harmony of flavours!

But this dish was very very filling! I think you could do away with rice if you made a soup like this.

I won’t call it a success, but more of an interesting first attempt at a Chinese soup.