20km Walk

I must be crazy… insufficient sleep, an injured right foot, torrential rains, and despite all those factors, I still went for a 20km walk which lasted slightly more than 3 hours!

Well, it was great!

The route was to walk through the jungle, starting from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve all the way down to MacRitchie Reservoir. Unlike my previous hiking expedition through a military live firing area,this walk was on a route specially made for hikers. Nonetheless, along the way, you get to see quite a number of military installations. Some of them are supposedly, “secret”.

Hmmm… It seems quite ironic to hide these installations in the jungle and then carve out a special hiking route around them.

Anyway, here’s a military vehicle that we found parked along the way:


Here’s a military training sign board in the middle of nowhere:


Here’s a picture of a mysterious looking hut in the middle of the jungle:


The blue sign is also very odd. It’s a sign board about keeping the place clean because it’s a reservoir. It gives you the impression that you are in the reservoir, but it’s all a lie! It took us about another hour before finally reaching MacRitchie Reservoir!

There are many weird signs in the jungle. Speaking of signs, here’s a very cute sign which I saw along the way:


The bird either looks very happy to be caught, or it’s rolling its eyes (“What? Again? Sigh!”).

Anyway, the best part of the journey was when we reached MacRitchie reservoir. It was BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been to MacRitchie several times, but it’s the first time in my life that I’ve seen the reservoir itself. Before today, whenever I am at MacRitchie, I see nothing but trees, trees, and more trees – no water, strangely.

Well, here are some really beautiful photos of MacRitchie. It’s amazing that Singapore has beautiful places like this.


img_0190 img_0196



And my favourite photo: