Chinese Calligraphy Necktie!

I love my new necktie! It just screams of my love for Chinese philosophy and culture!



If you look very closely, the tie is decorated with Chinese calligraphy!



And it’s 100% silk!

Please don’t ask me what it says. While I’m able to read some classical Chinese, I’m still not that well versed.

I’m so glad I finally bought this tie. It’s the only tie that I have which actually matches all my shirts well! Unfortunately, all the ties that I have were mostly given to me, and none of them match the shirts I have! This is why I don’t like receiving presents, unless it’s cash. I have several neck ties hanging in my wardrobe that can never be worn because I do not wear light-coloured long sleeve shirts. It’s really annoying to open up my wardrobe everyday and be greeted by the entire unwearable collection of neckties.

I think the least people could do if they were to buy clothes for others, would be to ask what colours/shades they require (maybe according to a pantone serial number or by presenting the CMYK/RGB colour percentages for precision), or what colour clothes do they have. I think the whole element of surprise idea usually fails when it comes to clothes. It usually goes like this (in my mind):

People: Surprise! We got you a new necktie! We didn’t ask, but we assumed that you have shirts with colours within the 32-bit colour range.

Me: Hey! Thanks for not asking! Now I have another tie which cannot be worn because it doesn’t match the shirts I own! And no, I don’t own clothes in a 32-bit colour range. It doesn’t even go beyond 16 colours! I only have long-sleeved shirts that can be categorised in 5 colours, and they’re all towards the left end of the colour histogram.

So please don’t buy me a necktie, or for that matter, please don’t buy clothes as presents – not even for Christmas. If you really want to give something, give me something consumable (except oranges or anything with oranges, I am allergic to them – serious!), or money so that I can buy whatever it is that you wanted to get for me, except that since I know what I wear, I can buy the ones that match.

Well, I’m glad I finally got a neck tie that I really love. Hopefully, I will have more occasions to wear it!