Happenings in the Jungle

My friend asked me to join him for a walk with the Mountaineering Club. I was told that it was a 3-hour walk from Upper Seletar all the way to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. We expected the walk to be simply a walk through a proper hiking trial.

This was what greeted us at the start of the route when we went yesterday:


It turns out that it’s not a normal 3-hour walk at all. No. It was more than that! It was a 3-hour journey of cutting through the forest, going up and down the terrain and slopes (some very steep) just to get to Bukit Timah from Upper Seletar!!!

Good thing I was somewhat prepared for this. Just before leaving the house, my intuition told me that I shouldn’t wear shorts. After all, how could you expect a supposed “morning walk” with the mountaineering club to be just a simple walk on a nice walking path? It’d probably would have required going up and down some difficult terrain. I wasn’t too sure, but just to play safe, I took some precautionary measures. True enough, my intuition was right.

The walk was nice. Exhausting, but nice.

While walking through the jungle, I was commenting to my friend that we may very well meet some soldiers doing topography training (map reading and navigation) in the jungle. I was right! Some 30 minutes later, we began to bump into several groups of recruits who were doing just that – topography training! It was hilarious! They all looked quite shocked to see us walking in the middle of an army training field. One recruit even knew one of the members in our entourage. Also, while we were the ones who asked for directions, there were some recruits who asked us for directions as well. It was quite hilarious!

But perhaps what was the most interesting sights to see in the middle of the jungle was the presence of mountain bikers! Wow… Singapore’s jungles are really full of excitement! Soldiers, crazy people going on walks through the jungle, and mountain bikers! I’m amazed at how these people can cycle up steep slopes and go over logs without much effort. I’m sure those recruits would have been more shocked to meet those cyclists.

At the end of the day, my leg muscles were just aching. It’s probably due to the lack of regular exercise. But in all, it was fun. I’m really amazed at how there’s so much human activity going on in these jungles. I know the military trains in them, but I really never expected more people than just soldiers.

Very interesting indeed!