One year as a research assistant, and the tasks assigned gets more and more challenging. I already knew that one day I will have to do this, and the time has finally come. I now have to read books in Chinese as part of my research work!


I was telling a friend a while back that while my Chinese has improved a lot, it still isn’t very good. In fact, I still dread looking at a page full of Chinese characters. I can read it. But just looking at it puts me off. It’s probably due to the dread inculcated in me (and many of my friends) because of the way it was taught back in primary and secondary school.

Thus far, I have been assigned with two Chinese books to go through so as to look out for certain keywords and ideas. Well, it’s not too bad. After overcoming the initial dread in looking at a page full of Chinese characters, I was able to read it without any pain at all. Thank goodness the language used isn’t too difficult. Unfortunately, I’m unable to read it as fast as I can with English books.

Thankfully, I’ve managed to successfully finished going through the two books over the course of two days. Phew! It’s not that bad after all.