Yesterday’s Dinner: Tomato Soup with Herbs; Roasted Potatoes and Carrots in Herb Mix; Dory Poached in Lemon and Wine; and Chocolate Ice Cream, Served with Eaglehawk Chadonney, and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Beer

Organised a little gathering with my philosophy friends last night. I enjoy cooking. But what I enjoy even more is to share the joy of cooking with my friends by allowing them to try my culinary creations.

So yesterday, I tried making tomato soup on my own without using any cans whatsoever. I was so busy making it that I forgot to take photos of the food yesterday. Well, all is not lost! Had some left over, so here it is fresh from the fridge:



Making this was surprisingly easy. First, you make the chicken stock by boiling chicken bones with some onions and carrots for about an hour (the longer the better). Next, in a huge soup pot over a small fire, caramel some onions in olive oil, then toss in a whole bunch of tomatoes (20 tomatoes were used to make enough soup for eight people). Throw in at least one potato. This will give the soup some texture and creaminess without using any cream.

Once the vegetables look somewhat cooked, pour in the chicken stock. After that, I threw in some tarragon and basil, and a bit of salt. The fun part comes when you have to throw all these into the blender. Since it was made for 8 people, I had to do the prcoess twice. Be sure to allow the soup to cool a bit before putting in the blender.

The result? A delicious bowl of rich tomato soup! MMMMmmm! Simply amazing!

As I forgot to take photos yesterday, I’m unable to post the photos of the other dishes. Everything was consumed on the night itself.

I intend to make the most awesome mushroom soup this Sunday. Stay tuned!