Going Green

Since yesterday’s accidental destruction of my potted basil, I went to buy a new pot and took preventive measures by making my own mountable shelf using items bought from Daiso (don’t you love Daiso?). Here’s the result:


The “shelf” is mounted onto my window grill. If you are curious, yes, I have also mounted my whiteboard onto the window grill. It’s amazing what pieces of string from Daiso can do. (With Daiso, creativity has no limits!)

I intend to put more potted plants over the next few weeks. The plan is to buy a pot of rosemary (this herb goes great with anything!), a pot of mint, and maybe a hybrid plant that combines two anti-mosquito plants so that I can sleep soundly every night without ever having to worry about mosquitoes.

My only worry so far is about spiders. I saw a spider hanging from the pot just now. Quickly killed it and removed whatever looked like spider eggs from the plant. I hate spiders. In the previous semester, my room in campus had a really bad spider infestation. The stupid spiders were spinning webs all over the room, it was just disgusting. I really hope I don’t experience a spider infestation in my room because of this plant. I’ll begin my spider prevention campaign tomorrow with spider poison and whatever anti-spider items Ican possibly get my hands on.

Anyway, in addition to those other plants, I decided to try growing a chilli padi plant. Here’s the chilli padi that I bought:


Well, I’m not going to plant all of them. Just one. The supermarket doesn’t allow me to buy one chilli padi. The least I could buy was 10 cents worth. I’ll probably use the remaining chillis to make something. So here’s the end result, with the chilli padi buried in the soil, and leaves and roots from the dead basil plant used as compost.


Hopefully, in a few days time, we will begin to see something springing up!