Danger: Really Bad Sign Ahead

Saw this ambiguous sign at Labrador Park yesterday.


What could this mean?

Danger! Do not bang your groin against the “do-not” red line!

Danger! Beware of mysterious red object which will attack you in the groin!

Danger! High potential for losing your chance at celebrating Father’s Day!

There’s just too many interpretations! O_O Besides, the guy in the sign looks like he is in terrible pain especially because of the impact of the red line thing against his groin. Poor guy.

Well… As it turned out, it was trying to warn us not to step over the red line.

The best part was that after we deciphered the sign, my friend asked, “What red line? Where’s the red line?!”

We soon realised that we unintentionally crossed the red line trying to figure out what this stupid sign was trying to say.

Thank goodness none of us got attacked in the groin by some mysterious red line thing.