Ice Cool Milk Shake for a Hot Day

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and nothing could be better than to reward your mother with a nice cool glass of chocolate banana milkshake on a really really hot day. I found out that my mum is a huge fan of milkshake, and so this makes for probably one of the best presents I could come up with in a short time (had been busy with election-related activities the past few days).

I love having a blender in the house. There’s simply so many things that one could do with it. And it’s more amazing how milkshakes are so easy to make!

So here’s what you need to cool yourself down in the heat (if you are in need of an ice-cool milkshake in this scorching weather):



Chocolate Ice Cream!


And of course… Milk!


Throw all these into the blender, add a few ice cubes, and…

Voila! A nice cool glass of awesomeness!