T-shirt Refutation!

A few weeks ago, I wore my Philosophy t-shirt to school. As it was rather early in the morning, I headed down to McDonalds for a delicious and quiet breakfast by myself.

Sitted on my left two tables away was a group of 5 students. Seeing that my t-shirt said “NUS Philosophy”, they started discussing amongst themselves how stupid and useless the subject was.

I was quite annoyed, but remained silent. There’s simply no point trying to reason with such people.

Having done with my breakfast, I stood up to pick up my bag. At that moment, my back was facing them. This was what they saw:


As they were seated near the entrance, I had no choice but to walk past them. While doing so, I overhead them whispering to each other, asking, “What does ‘refute’ mean?”

Oh… Sweet was the irony! Those people who thought themselves smarter and better than a philosophy student have been defeated – and refuted – by a simple t-shirt.

That made my day.