Another Overnight Writing Marathon


It’s 5.35am. Once again, it’s another over-night essay writing marathon. The last essay for the semester. Well, it’s not been much of a marathon. I guess I didn’t have a very restful sleep last night. My ability to think well has been affected. Spent the entire day doing research, the evening doing the outline. And the whole night trying to write.

All in all, I have to write ten pages. So far, I’ve churned out about five pages already. I’d love to keep writing, but I’m rather brain dead at the moment. Taking a break now to write this. Will try to push myself further.

I’ll probably stop and go back home once the sun rises and bus services are back in operation.

As you can see, the table is just strewn with books on Aristotle. (The Mac belongs to my friend. It’s nice to have some company while working late through the night. This photo was taken by her.) I’m glad I brought my tin of Chinese tea leaves. Orchid tea to be precise. Mmmm… Makes the work pleasant.

As it turns out, I actually enjoy doing these over-night marathons. It gives me a chance to explore school while enjoying nature and the freshest air (perhaps, not so fresh since the plants are not producing oxygen, but at least there’s no exhaust). I was actually looking forward to this overnight marathon. Haha… Well, it isn’t the most productive, but it’s great.

Ok… Back to work.