Booby Trapped…

Got work to do, but I’m really vexed at the moment that I need to rant a little.

I have an allergy to oranges. For some strange reason, as long as the orange – juice, fruit, extract, anything orange – touches my throat, I develop an instant sore throat, and sometimes, it’s so bad that I lose my voice.

Well, according to a friend of mine who’s doing medicine, it’s not an allergy but a reaction. But the funny thing is I can consume lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits, just not oranges.

I’ve been very careful not to take anything with orange in it.

Today, I just got booby trapped with an innocent piece of chocolate. Family member X (now on, shall be termed X) gave me a piece of chocolate. Thinking nothing of it, I popped it into my mouth, and to my horror, encountered the taste of orange in addition to the chocolate.

Ran to spit it out, but it was too late, my throat started to become sore.

I looked at the wrapper and it said, “ORANGE”, and was adorned with little pictures of oranges on it. Sigh… How did I miss it? It was staring at me in the face.

Of all the orange products in the world, I find orange-filled chocolates the most evil. Seriously… How often do you come across chocolates with orange in it? How often do you inspect the label if someone gives you a piece of chocolate?

Hai… What really adds to the annoyance is that I have to deliver a one-hour talk tomorrow. I hope my throat doesn’t become terribly sore. Hurriedly popped a lozenges into my mouth. I hope that does some damage control.

The worst thing to happen is to lose one’s voice on the day of the talk.

What made me extremely annoyed was when I told X that there was orange inside the chocolate.

Me: Did you know there’s orange in the chocolate?

X: Just a little bit. Don’t worry.

Me: Don’t worry?! I’ve got to give a talk tomorrow!!!

X: Then… Who asked you to eat the chocolate?

Errr… Excuse me… X, you gave me the stupid booby trapped chocolate! What do you expect me to do with the chocolate if you give it to me?

Sigh… Very vexed at the moment because of this.

Am praying very hard I’ll still have my voice tomorrow. *fingers crossed*