It’s 1.20am!

And I’m still on campus!

Am currently hiding in the basement of the Computing block with a friend. A while ago, the basement was packed with lots of people who, like me, were rushing assignments.

Just completed an essay that was due at midnight. My friend’s still busy doing his project.

The atmosphere a while ago was really intense. People were just shouting and complaining out loud when encountering problems with their projects. Now, there’s just five people in the room that I’m in. Things are pretty quiet now, but there’s still a lot of people hiding in every corner of this building.

Someone’s eating fried noodles. Oh… It smells sooooooo good. I’m so hungry. Hmmm… In fact, I have a craving for Oyster Omelette now. Am arranging to meet up with a few other friends to have a late night supper soon. I don’t think I can have Oyster Omelette at the planned eating spot. Oh well… Will see about it.

Good bye sleep!