My New Water Bottle!


It reads: Alcoholics Anonymous. Turning wine into water since the discovery of alcohol.

Yes, it’s a real glass bottle. And no… There’s no alcoholic drink inside. It’s just drinking water.

I’ve decided to stop using plastic bottles (both the disposable and reusable kinds) because I can always taste plastic in my water. Glass bottles will definitely not present such a problem. This used to be a bottle for sparkling water.

Decided to make this funny label as a way to break from the monotony of school work, and to bring some cheer to my friends and any student passing-by who see it.

I’ll probably get one of those classy fruit juice bottles that are made of clear glass. Perhaps even decorate it with Chinese landscape art and calligraphy. Sounds like a really good idea. I’m really keen on trying. Will probably embark on it soon.