Why I can’t do my work at home


Am having insomnia once again… The sleeping pills don’t seem to be working. Really stressed out at the moment thinking about work that needs to be done.

Decided to draw this to calm my nerves.

According to one friend, I have a very musical neighbourhood. There’s not enough space on the paper, but the instruments that I hear regularly are: drums, saxophone, piano, violin, recorder, electric guitar.

My goodness… I don’t mind if they play well. But they’re terrible!!! Ok… at least the piano playing neighbours play pleasantly. The rest are just adding to the noise pollution.

And there’s one neighbour who – get this – sings karoake at 9AM in the morning!!! MY GOODNESS!!! So inconsiderate! He sings terribly too. Off key all the time, just like the really horrible musicians in the neighbourhood.

The only noise that amuses me is the one generated by the neighbours who are fighting with each other. On weekends, the neighbour living next to me will pound chilli EXTRA HARD, EXTRA LOUD. And in response, the person living downstairs will take (what sounds like) a bamboo pole and start hitting the ceiling. But then again, it’s not funny on days where there are essays to write.

It’s a crazy, noisy neighbourhood. I wonder how people can stay sane being at home in the day. There’s just too much noise at the moment. It wasn’t like this last semester.

Which is why hiding in the library everyday is a necessary evil. Would be nice if I could stay somewhere else. Maybe closer to the university perhaps?