This is the first time that I’ve worked so hard that I’m suffering (physically) from exhaustion.

The experience yesterday was very scary. Initially, I was trembling, with what felt like a break-out of cold sweat. A while later, I walked out, took a seat on a bench, and before I knew it, my entire body from the neck down went numb. It was then that I felt like as if I was starting to black out.

Thank God for all the friends who were around to help. Without them, I definitely would not have been able to handle the situation on my own.

Today, I went back to school, but the early warning signs of impending doom surfaced during the first lecture.

Went to see a doctor a while later.

The diagnosis is that I am just super exhausted. So much for going GAMBATTE over the past few weeks, drinking lots of coffee, and sleeping very little.

Ironically, I was telling someone a few days ago to rest, saying, “There’s no point working so hard if you don’t rest. You want to do well? Sure. But you must also live to graduate. Otherwise the effort is just wasted.”

Well, this definitely applies to me. In total, I have five assignments and one test next week. I have no idea how I’ll cope with it. The doctor asked me to try to ask the professors for an extension of deadlines. Highly unlikely, but I’ll try to work something out. Looks like I’ll have to go easy on myself the next few days despite the heavy workload.

Prayers will be greatly appreciated.