‘Twas the night before deadlines…

It’s 3.40am! I’m awake!

No. This time, it isn’t the regular case of insomnia.

This time, I have to rush 2 essays that will be due in a few hours time.

Tried to finish one since Sunday, but I’ve been stuck.

Anyway, I’m glad one essay has been completed. Deo gratias! All that’s left is another 2000 word essay which is half done.

Taking a break right now to let my brain cool down before starting on the next one.

As I have been starving the past few nights staying up late to do my work, I decided to give myself a treat with a delicious Fillet-O-Fish. Bought one at 11pm. By the time I was hungry, it was 3am.

So I decided to heat it up. Bad move.


So how? Liddat lor… Thank God it’s not badly burnt.

Oh well… Having a fish burger at 3.20am is a very wonderful experience. Though I don’t recommend anyone to try it, if you have no choice but to stay up late at night, fast food works wonders. Many months ago, I had the pleasant opportunity of eating KFC at 2am in the morning. That was a most joyous experience. MMMMmmm…

I wish I had more coffee though. I hope I still have enough mental energy to keep going.

Am looking forward to rewarding myself with a nice delicious breakfast. Pancakes seem like a great idea.

Ok. I better resume my work. GAMBATTE!

Deus, in adjutorium meum intende! Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina!