Working on a Sunday


I really do not like going to school over the weekends – especially on Sundays.

Unfortunately, I cannot avoid doing this today. It turned out that the books which I borrowed on Friday were not related to the essay that I needed to do. I memorised the essay question wrongly. And so, I had to make a trip back to the university today to get all the reference material.

This picture was taken today just before the library closed. That was the amount of books that I went through today preparing for the next essay. Thank God the rough outline is done. All that’s left is to expand on the outline, and then proceed to write.

Later in the evening, a friend of mine invited me to join him for a free piano concert in the University’s Cultural Centre. It started out well. A string quintet to accompany the piano. Very nice.

Next was a piano solo of one of Chopin’s works. It was quite a fast piece, with many slow parts every now and then.

Initiatlly, watching the pianist perform was quite hilarious because the way she played the keyboard looked very much like how I would type furiously on my keyboard when working on an essay.

Was joking to my friend that this lady is also writing an essay.

At the parts where she slowed down, it reminded me of how I would be distracted from my work, and proceeded to chat with my friends over MSN.

Well, it was funny for the first few minutes.

But it stopped being funny as I saw this going on for the next half hour. Seriously! Her manner of playing the piano looks so much like someone (especially myself) typing furiously on the computer keyboard.

Either she plays the piano like a typist, or I type like a pianist.

Well, whatever it is, for the rest of her performance, I was simply stressed to the max thinking about the essays that I had to do. What a kill joy.

Couldn’t endure being reminded of the work that had to be done, and so, we left during the intermission.

What a Sunday!