An Outing with John Wu

In the past few days, I’ve been working day and night to finish several essays. Decided to take a break today by making a trip down to Orchard Road.

It’s been a long time since I last roamed around the area.

But it was good.

I had the enjoyable company of a friend. To be precise, the friend is actually John Wu – but in the form of a book. Managed to read several chapters today thanks to the long bus ride. Wu’s book is a story of his spiritual journey. And what really intrigues me is just how every word in it seems to be speaking out to me. Much of what was written came especially alive due to its relevance.

The entire experience was wonderful. It is as if I was walking with the real John Wu and having a deep and meaningful conversation on many matters about God, philosophy, and life. Like a conversation between close friends, there was a great deal of “heart-to-heart talk” going on as I contemplated on his words and drew further insights from it.

It was just beautiful.

The highpoint of today’s outing was this:

As I have been doing a great amount of work on Chinese Philosophy lately, I have come to respect and admire certain people in the field.

Part of my regular itinerary in visiting Orchard Road is to check out the Philosophy section in Kinokuniya. In the past, the entire section on Chinese Philosophy just seemed so alien to me.

But the experienced that I had today was just amazing. It was like a gathering of great minds – like coming to a bookstore and, by chance, meeting many of the great writers, whom you admire, standing before you. It was amazing!

This section is no more alien to me. Now, it bears books written by so many great modern scholars of Chinese Philosophy, some of whom I admire dearly, like Fung Yu-Lan, James Legge, D. C. Lau, Burton Watson, and even John Wu himself!

In fact, I bought a copy of John Wu’s translation of the Tao Te Ching (道德經). I love his works. It’s all written beautifully. I’m sure I will be greatly edified by his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching (道德經). It is a very difficult text, but he seems to have understood it very well.

Well, today has been a really great day.

Thank you John Wu for being with me in spirit!

Deo gratias!