Introducing… Friends who look alike!


“The friendship of good men is good… for from each other they take the mould of the characteristics they approve.”

(Aristotle, “Nicomachean Ethics”, Book IX, Ch. XII)

An ode to seven years of friendship!

Since day one, everybody have been saying that we look alike.

That’s how we got to know each other as well! It was the first day of school, and I was just standing waiting for the assembly to begin. The next thing I knew, people around us were commenting about how I and the guy on my left looked sooooo similar.

All they could say was: “OH MY GOODNESS!!! THEY LOOK ALIKE!!!”

After that, we just stared awkwardly at each other.

But soon, we introduced ourselves, and we’ve been good friends since!

What made it more awesome was that we took the same subjects, and went for the same classes together back then.

In university, even the people who saw us exclaimed the same thing: “OH MY GOODNESS! YOU ALL LOOK ALIKE!!!”

The funniest comment I’ve heard so far was, “Heehee! Twins! So funny! Hahaha!”

Seven years. Seven years of fun, sadness, laughter, tears, joy, stress, problems, etc. But more importantly, it has been seven years of friendship.

Simply amazing.

Thank you Norman for being an awesome friend!

(Update: I saw this post once again in 2015 as I was migrating the entry from an old blog. It saddens me to say that due to a series of incidents, we have ceased to be friends. Reading this post brought me much sadness. I missed the times when we were close friends. Dear Norman, if you happen to read this again, let’s get in touch and be friends once again just like old times, yeah?)