Change of Guard Parade at the Istana


After so many years of hearing about this, I finally managed to attend this by chance!

It’s some change of guard parade at the Istana (where the president stays).

I’ve heard so much about it. The marching, the precision drill where the military policemen will spin their rifles and “dance” to the music, the marching band, etc… So cool. And it’s such a joy to finally experience it.

Was on the bus doing my work, when I saw some commotion outside. Realised that the parade was about to start. Hurriedly alighted and ran to watch. Did not regret sacrificing precious work time for it at all!

It was so wonderful seeing it up close and personal! The best part was when the military band marched out onto Orchard Road and played some catchy tunes – there was even a latin-rhythm song played with the troops marching to its beat. So cool.

I’ll try to bring my camera to photograph the next parade. It’s simply amazing!