Insomnia… Again!

Oh my goodness… It’s already 2:13am and I’m WIDE AWAKE. To make matters worst, I’m VERY alert right now.

Had insomnia last week as well due having drank too much coffee at night. Worst still, I had a test the next day. Was advised to just lie on the bed and not exhaust my mind. Lying on the bed while being awake for about 6 hours is a very painful thing. I have no idea how I survived doing that.

Today’s insomnia is probably caused by a cup of tea and philosophy. Read some philosophy and thought about it in preparation for something tomorrow. My goodness. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

2:42am. I’m still wide awake. Now, I’m really really hungry. Problem? There’s no food available at home.

Hmmm… Insomnia and hunger. What a combination!

I’m really tempted to walk to the MacDonalds nearby for a late night supper. Would be nice to have some company though. Then again, I’m too comfortable right now just lying on my bed with my laptop, to get out for some food.

It’s amazing just how many people are online at this hour. It’s nice to be accompanied by friends who are also suffering from insomnia too. Makes passing the night more bearable.

Was talking about Korean food (oh! the irony! oh! the hunger!) to a friend. Was telling that friend about some Korean dish that I had which was so good. The problem is – I can’t remember the name of the dish. But my friend kept pressing me for the name. So, I said, “The dish is: Aidono” (Read it aloud. Sounds more Japanese than Korean though).

3:14am. I think I shall attemp to sleep again. It’s probably going to be a failure since I’m still fully alert and wide awake (not to mention hungry)! I’m probably going to have a really hearty breakfast tomorrow to make up for this.

This entry is rather meaningless. But at least I have something to do rather than to painfully endure lying still hoping to somehow fall asleep.

Wish me luck!