Pancakes and Fried Chicken Marathon

Despite the lack of sleep last night (slept at about 2.30am and woke up at 8.30am) due to my good friend, insomnia, I went ahead with the plan to indulge in pancakes and fried chicken.

It’s been more than a month since I last had pancakes, and for a while, I almost forgot how to flip one. The first two pancakes were a disaster. But in the end, everything turned out well.

Headed out to Paya Lebar in the afternoon to meet up with some friends to try out the awesome fried chicken that I’ve been hearing about for some time. It’s located in a very old shopping mall (City Plaza) that looks rather abandoned. Though the one thing I do like about the place is that it’s like a piece of preserved history.

Shopping malls these days don’t look anything like the shopping malls in the 60s-90s. It was like going back in time. Very nostalgic because I do remember seeing many malls like that back in the 90s as a little child. The best part is that all the shops there do look like a typical shop in the 80s-90s era. They even sell things that we can’t find in most modern (or rather, post-modern. Or for some, post-post-modern) shopping malls today.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken. That’s the name of the place. Four hungry people eager to try out the amazing fried chicken that they have. So, we ordered the 5-people combo meal. This is what we got:

Degi Hari

Behold the oily, awesome plate of joy!

As you can see, the buns are so oily, they reflect light from the ceiling! MMMMmmm…

There was about 15 pieces of fried chicken shared amongst four people. Most delightful indeed!

So, was it better than KFC and Popeye’s Chicken? Well, it’s unique in it’s own way.

I would rather have Popeye’s or Arnold’s chicken instead of KFC’s original recipe. It would be really great if Popeye’s and Arnold’s have their own spicy fried chicken. Wendy’s has an amazing spicy fried chicken that’s superbly spicy and delicious (though it’s so spicy that it’s gives me stomach problems, but hey, it’s awesome!).

To be honest, I can’t decide if Popeye’s or Arnold’s is better. Both are really great! In fact, the best artery-clogging feast would be a mix of:

  • KFC spicy fried chicken
  • Popeye”s piece fried chicken
  • Wendy’s spicy fried chicken
  • Arnold’s fried chicken
  • Wendy’s 3/4 Pounder Burger (imagine: steak sandwiched between two pieces of buns)
  • Any artery-clogging burger from Carl’s Junior
  • Burger King’s Mushroom Swiss Double Burger

Oh man… That would be so awesome! I can imagine people having an imaginary heart-attack just by reading that list.

Variety, not quantity, is important. Just one piece of chicken from each, and maybe just half a burger for the burgers. I probably won’t be able to stomach that much junk food.

In fact, I probably ate too many pieces of fried chicken at Arnold’s that I couldn’t bring myself to continue feasting heavily at Popeye’s in the evening. Ended up just having a delicious medium-sized mash potatoes (Popeye’s mash potatoes are the best!) and strips of fried chicken, rather than the originally-planned 2-piece fried chicken meal.

I have a rather bad taste of oil in my mouth now. But I’m not going to complain about it. To be able to realise the pancake and fried chicken wish today – I’m beyond the state of contentment.

What a wonderful day it has been, to eat and have fun with friends!

I’ll probably go running tomorrow to atone for today.