On the Difficulties of Writing

Writing positive content is not easy.

It’s easy to write about one’s problems, negative feelings, worries, fears, etc. That’s why so many people have very emotional blogs.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people whose blogs are filled with nothing but re-blogged contents of other people, and there’s virtually no original content.

It’s easy to write when one’s in the mood for writing. Yet, how often does this writing-mood come?

Tragically, for me, I always have this huge desire to write something wonder – with the ideas all nicely planned out in my head – but the moment I approach a piece of paper or the keyboard, I blank out. Suddenly, I do not know what exactly to write. The beautiful ideas and elegant phrasing of certain concepts just disappear into thin air.

This is very bad. I used to have a habit of writing about 1000-2000 words every day back in secondary school. That habit of writing made it easy for me to write essays without much problems. But now that I do not have such a habit, it’s not so easy anymore.

By the way, this entry is forced – it is not written because I am in the mood for writing. Rather, it’s a way for me to practice writing.

The semester is starting very soon, and I really need to get back to writing tons of original content, so that I’d be able to write beautifully and well for whatever essays I’ll need to write, without having to be plagued by the dreadful writer’s block.

For many days, I’ve not been posting very much for two reasons: (1) Either they are just pure rantings which just shouldn’t be here in the first place, or (2) I just found it hard to put it into writing the moment I sat down in front of the keyboard.

Focus. That’s what I really need. Otherwise, I’ll always have this difficulty in writing stuff the moment I sit before my computer. I seem to have a form of amnesia that is triggered by the light from my laptop’s monitor. The moment, I am exposed to this memory-erasing light, I forget everything that I was supposed to do, and even the things that I was supposed to write. Instead, I just end up surfing around the internet aimlessly as if I was trying to find my purpose in life from that pointless activity.

Oh well… And so, I’ll try my best to resume writing a short essay every day – philosophical or reflective (I hope) – so that it would stimulate all the creative juices within me in time for the next few essays coming my way.